Mistakes New Homeowners Commit When Hiring Painters

If you are having only one room painted, or you are going to paint the entire house, it is very important that you hire the the right painter to do the job. Determining just who that is take a lot more than just looking on the internet and hiring the first painter that you come across online. You actually will need to spend a little more in the way of time and effort in the process.


The following illustrates some of the more common mistakes that people make when it comes to hiring a painter.

Problem #1- Choosing a Painter Randomly

In many instances, people just hire the first painter that they contact without taking the time to look into any of the attributes of the painter or his company. This usually does not end well. Time should be taken in gathering references and finding out a little about the painter’s history. The end result of getting your paint job done properly doe rely on the painter’s ability to follow what you want in the way you want your painting to be done. Definitely ask the painter for the names of former customers so that you may call them and find out how they feel about him and the quality of his work.

Problem #2- Automatically Making Your Choice Based on The Lowest Price

Going with the cheapest price is one of the most common mistakes that people make when hiring a painter. If a painter is willing to come in at a lower price than his competition, there is perhaps a real reason for doing so. Perhaps it is because of a lack of experience, or worse yet, it is possible that they are cutting their costs by using inferior tools and inferior paint. Or perhaps they rush their work and do a very inadequate job.

In the overall picture you might be better off in choosing someone who falls closer to the middle as far as their price, which can mean that they are not going to cut corners, but also that you are not going to be overcharged.

Problem #3 – Not Securing A Written and Signed Agreement

It is very important to obtain a signed agreement prior to the beginning of any painting or work at your home. The agreement should outline very clearly what the work is going to entail as well as the starting and finishing dates, approximately. The pricing should be clearly outlined in the agreement and details in regard to cleaning up each day, and once the job is completed should also be included.

The more attention to detail and the more clearly stated your agreement is, the less the chances will be that there will be any misunderstanding. Plus, if the painting contractor wants to additional work, or if he runs into unexpected problems, the additional work will have to be cleared by you before anything is done to charge you extra.

By adhering to these guidelines, you will be able to find a better quality of person and a painter who will do the job according to your specifications. If the requirements are clearly outlined in writing, your chances for a successful conclusion are greatly multiplied.

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