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Aug 16th / Friday / '13

ATTN: MTA riders


i’m also an MTA rider. let me pass along this bit of common sense, so i don’t get taken out on the stairs again.

if you are trying to make a train that just arrived, and has people pouring out of it, and you want to torpedo down the stairs, PLEASE USE THE BANNISTER ON THE SIDE OF THE TRAIN. it will be easier for you to actually get on the train, and it will avoid destroying the bodies of people who actively take the far side of the stairs for use of the bannister.

why am i making this post? because on my way off the G today, going up the stairs on the wall side, some 6-foot-tall guy came plowing into me SO hard i had to put my hand up to his abdomen and use all the force i could to make him fucking stop so i didn’t fall backwards. now, my arm is killing me and my wrist is worse. (the amount of force pushed my wrist way too far backwards, i will feel this through sunday) so thanks to this dumb piece of shit, i get brand new nerve pains just as my workday ends and friday night begins.

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